Course Description:

Welcome to the world of permanent makeup! This comprehensive training course will equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to perform permanent makeup on lips with confidence and professionalism. Learn from experienced trainers and gain expertise in various aspects of permanent lip procedures.


Course Outline:
  1. Introduction to Permanent Makeup
    • Understanding the concept of permanent makeup and its significance in the beauty industry.
  2. Legal Documentations and Insurance
    • Familiarizing with legal requirements and insurance considerations for practicing permanent makeup.
  3. Anatomy and Physiology of the Skin
    • In-depth discussion on the skin’s structure, functions, and its relevance to permanent lip procedures.
    • Understanding skin undertones and different skin types.
  4. Morphology of the Face
    • Studying the entire facial structure to create harmonious lip designs that complement the overall appearance.
  5. Anatomical Structure of the Labium oris
    • Gaining insights into the Labium oris’s anatomy to perform precise lip procedures safely.
  6. Physiological Functioning of the Labium oris
    • Understanding the Labium oris’s functionality to ensure efficient and safe permanent lip makeup application.
  7. Pigments
    • Distinguishing between various types of pigments, including organic and inorganic inks and dyes.
    • Selecting appropriate permanent makeup ink Colours.
  8. Colour Lift and Lip Removal
    • Exploring methods for Colour lift and removal of unwanted pigments from lips.
  9. Retention of Pigments
    • Determining the retention rates of different types of inks to manage client expectations effectively.
  10. Workstation and Hygiene Practices
    • Setting up a professional workstation and implementing stringent hygiene protocols.
    • Complying with Blood Borne Pathogen Treatment Protocols and safety measures.
  11. Client Preparation
    • Preparing clients for permanent lip makeup procedures.
  12. Safe Methodological Practices
    • Implementing safe techniques during each permanent lip makeup procedure.
    • Understanding and applying local anesthetics safely.
  13. Inside Needle Knowledge
    • Selecting appropriate needles, configurations, diameters, and tapering for optimal results.
  14. Practical Application of Lip Designs
    • Hands-on training in applying different lip designs and shapes.
    • Practice drawing lips before application and using lip templates.
  15. Contraindications
    • Identifying relative and absolute contraindications to ensure client safety.
  16. Practical Case Studies
    • Analyzing and learning from practical case studies and histories.
  17. Hands-on Procedures
    • Live model practice for real-world experience.
  18. Pre-care and Aftercare Protocols
    • Educating clients about pre-care and aftercare routines for successful results.
  19. Re-touches and Refining Colours
    • Understanding the importance of touch-up procedures and refreshing Colours.
  20. Marketing Tools and Tips
    • Effective marketing strategies for a successful permanent makeup career.
  21. Photography and Video Recording
    • Capturing high-quality images and videos for portfolio building and marketing purposes.
  22. Ongoing Support
    • Access to continuous support and guidance from the permanent makeup trainer.

Course Cost: R6800


  • Lips Permanent Makeup Kit (for training purposes only, not for personal use)
  • PMU Light Rotary Machine
  • Lips-specific practice skin pads for practice sessions.
  • Light refreshments (tea, coffee, water, snacks) during tea breaks and smoke breaks.
  • Light lunch with refreshments (please notify us of any special dietary requirements in advance).

Note: Students are required to arrange a model for the 2nd and 3rd day of training. Models are requested to pay a minimal fee (R350) to secure their appointment.

Student Requirements:

  • Stationery, notebook, and pens for taking notes.
  • Your own permanent makeup machine, couplers, needle caps/tips, and needles for hands-on practice.

Payment Policy:

  • 50% of the permanent makeup training fee must be paid in full one week prior to the training date.
  • We accept payments via Payfast, Inkfin, card payments, or EFTs. Cash payments are not accepted.

Uniform Policy:

  • It is compulsory to wear your uniform during training at Trivine/4gvn.

Join us for this exciting Permanent Lips Course and embark on a rewarding journey into the world of permanent makeup! Enhance your skills, build your career, and provide exceptional services to your clients. For more information or to enroll, please contact us at 0814343060.


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