F&E Tattooist 10grams


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A numbing cream designed specifically to relieve the pain & discomfort during cosmetic tattooing

The numbing/anaesthetic creams main active Ingredients are 5%lidocaine,4%prilocaine and 1% epinephrine

The numbing cream have a very light pink creamy consistency non-greasy.

The cream helps to relieve discomfort associated with any form of temporary pain, soreness or swelling.

The numbing cream is only used externally

Lidocaine 5% Is the highest strength available without a prescription.

F&E is fast acting, long acting, pain erasing topical anaesthetic which is none greasy cream base.

The 4gvnSuppliers F&E tattooist numbing cream

  • The 4gvnsuppliers F&E tattooist numbing cream – Our (Best)topical numbing/ local aneasthetic are a formula that can be administered for permanent makeup, waxing, lasering, tattoos and other cosmetic procedures where relief is desired, available in 10g or 30g tube.
  • 4gvnSuppliers F&E tattooist fast-acting – Local anaesthetic numbing action brings quick relief of discomfort and pain caused by cosmetic tattooing or other cosmetic related treatments in as little as 10 minutes and lasting up to 8 hours.
  • F&E tattooist has a deep numbing effect – Our F&E tattooist numbing cream for Cosmetic tattoos provides a deeper penetrating relief and comfort to any of the skin for temporary relief during the procedure.
  • Pain Relief – Always have the 4gvnSuppliers Numbing cream close by for the relief of any form of discomfort on the skin during a Cosmetic tattooing/Permanent makeup  procedures and other procedures more comfortable.
  • Application – Simply rub the 4gvnSuppliers F&E Tattooist  cream based numbing on to the affected area(or the area to be treated) for an immediate, soothing relief from a discomfort, burning, itching and general pain. The 4vgnSuppliers Numbing cream is fast-absorbing and won’t affect the healing process or cosmetic tattooing pigments.

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