MAST Pro Tattoo Needles (Liners)



Enhancing Tattooing Precision: The MAST Tattoo Needles


The universal MAST Tattoo needles and tattoo cartridges undergoes meticulous craftsmanship and rigorous testing by numerous tattoo artists on human skin. Crafting each cartridge needle from 304L stainless steel involves subjecting it to a precise polishing process using an automatic machine. This meticulous procedure guarantees an exceptionally smooth surface to each of the cartridges tattoo needle, thereby aiding in precise tattooing. The smoothness of the universal tattoo cartridge surface diminishes friction between the tattoo needle and the skin, enabling the tattoo artist to achieve finer tattooed lines and intricate details with heightened accuracy. Moreover, the smooth surface minimizes discomfort experienced by the client during the tattooing process. The universal tattoo Mast cartridge- the utilization of high-quality stainless steel and exact polishing techniques actively enhances the effectiveness and precision of the tattooing process.

Sculpting Satisfaction:

The addition of a consummate coloured texture enhances the joyful sensation of sculpting with every stroke, adding an extra layer of satisfaction to the tattooing process with the universal Mast tattoo cartridges. This attention to detail not only ensures the quality of the universal cartridge needle but also enhances the overall experience for both the artist and the client.

Sterilization and Quality Control:

Furthermore, the universal cartridge needles go through a thorough process of complete ethylene oxide disinfection, which ensures that they are safe for single-use disposable application. This meticulous sterilization procedure eliminates any potential contaminants, making the cartridge needles suitable for use without risking infection or other health concerns.

Furthermore, we implement strict quality and consistency control measures to ensure that each universal cartridge needles meet the highest standards. Our team carefully inspects each universal cartridge needle to guarantee its smoothness and freedom from impurities, which are essential for achieving precise and clean tattooing results. By adhering to these rigorous quality control protocols, the manufacturer maintains the integrity and reliability of their product, instilling confidence in both tattoo artists and clients alike.

Comfort and Stability:

We meticulously craft every aspect of the shell to prioritize comfort during tattoo sessions. We design the universal tattoo cartridges ergonomic shape and smooth surface to enhance the experience for both the artist and the client. Each detail is intended to optimize comfort and usability throughout the tattooing process. The seamless integration between the universal tattoo cartridge needles and the shell guarantees stability and facilitates an unhindered flow of ink, ensuring precise and consistent results with each stroke.

Optimized Design:

Utilizing advanced visual optimization cartridge tube technology, the shell features a key-head shape extending from the side to the tip. This design element serves to minimize distortion and refraction, providing the artist with optimal clarity while working. By reducing visual impediments, the artist can focus more effectively on their craft, resulting in more precise and detailed tattoos.

Strength and Durability:

Furthermore, the shell of the universal cartridge needle is reinforced with four thickened bars, enhancing its durability and strength. Each universal cartridge needle is capable of withstanding close to 200 rebound force, showcasing remarkable toughness under pressure. This robust construction not only ensures longevity but also instills confidence in the artist, allowing them to work with precision and control.


In summary, the design and construction of the universal tattoo cartridge neddles prioritize both comfort and performance, offering tattoo artists a reliable tool that enables them to create exceptional artwork with ease and confidence.Keywords: Mast, Mast pro needles, Mast pro cartridges, Mast needles, Mast cartridges, Mast tattoo, Mast permanent makeup, Mast cosmetic tattooing, Mast microblading, mast microshading, mast permanent eyeliner, 1RL Needle CapsNeedle alignment toolsNeedle caps for 1RL configurationNeedle caps for tattoo machinesNeedle safety coversPermanent makeup equipmentPermanent makeup needle capsPermanent makeup needle holdersPermanent makeup suppliesPrecision needle coversPrecision needle housingsTattoo artist toolsTattoo machine accessoriesTattoo machine attachmentsTattoo needle accessories attachmentsmast pro cartridge needle pretoria south africa, Tattoo needle accessories 

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