21# Bevel flex (0.16)


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Product Description: 21# Bevel flex (0.16) Blades

Achieve professional-grade results with our 21# Bevel flex (0.16) blades, meticulously crafted for precision and reliability in permanent makeup procedures. Whether you’re enhancing eyebrows or defining lip contours, these blades offer exceptional control and comfort, ensuring a seamless application process.

Key Features:

  • Premium Quality: Made from high-grade stainless steel, ensuring durability and sharpness.
  • U-Shape Design: Specifically designed to mimic natural hair growth patterns for realistic results.
  • Flexible and Versatile: Suitable for various permanent makeup techniques, providing flexibility in application.


  • Precision Application: Allows for precise control and detail in creating hair-like strokes.
  • Comfortable Handling: Ergonomically designed for ease of use and reduced hand fatigue.
  • Long-Lasting Performance: Sharp and durable blades ensure consistent results over multiple procedures.

Instructions for Use:

  1. Prepare the Treatment Area: Cleanse and prep the skin to ensure optimal adherence and pigment retention.
  2. Securely Fit the Blade: Insert the blade securely into a compatible microblading pen for stability.
  3. Angle and Technique: Hold the blade at an appropriate angle (approximately 30 degrees) and gently glide it over the skin in the direction of natural hair growth.
  4. Feather-Light Strokes: Use feather-light strokes to mimic the texture and pattern of natural hair, ensuring a natural-looking finish.
  5. Review and Touch-Up: Evaluate the results and perform any necessary touch-ups to achieve desired density and shape.

Enhance your permanent makeup services with confidence using our 21# Bevel flex (0.16) blades, designed to elevate your microblading technique to the next level of precision and artistry.

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