10R Scalpel Blades



Professional Choice:

Our dermaplaning 10R Scalpel Blades stand as the preferred option among professional skincare experts for several reasons. Its exceptional quality and effectiveness make it a standout choice in the industry. Additionally, this 10R Scalpel Blade provides a secure and reliable method for performing dermaplaning, ensuring that both estheticians and clients achieve optimal results. We understand the high standards and expectations of professionals in the skincare industry, and our handle is meticulously designed to meet these requirements. By offering top-notch tools and equipment, we empower skincare professionals to deliver superior dermaplaning services, enhancing client satisfaction and trust.

Swann Morton Blades:

Our dermaplaning handles feature specially designed SWANN MORTON furthermore, crafted with precision to meet the specific demands of dermaplaning procedures. Furthermore, these 10R Scalpel Blades have earned the nickname “butter blades” for their remarkable ability to smoothly and effectively remove Vellus or Peach Fuzz hair. Renowned for their precision and reliability, SWANN MORTON blades ensure a safe and comfortable dermaplaning experience for both professionals and clients. The superior quality of these blades contributes to enhanced outcomes, resulting in greater satisfaction and confidence in the dermaplaning process.


Incredibly Sharp- Swann Morton Trust:

Place your trust in the exceptional sharpness and reliability of SWANN MORTON blades. A brand with a long-standing legacy of precision manufacturing dating back to 1932 in Sheffield, England. With a reputation for crafting blades for surgeons and medical practitioners. SWANN MORTON brings unparalleled quality and expertise to the field of dermaplaning. Professionals can rely on the sharpness and durability of SWANN MORTON blades to achieve superior dermaplaning results. Additionally, reflecting the brand’s unwavering commitment to excellence and trustworthiness in skincare procedures.

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