Permanent makeup colour wheel


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The Colour Wheel in a compact, convenient size!Diameter 5-1/8“ (13.0 cm).

This is a Colour Mixing Wheel for Artist stocked by the 4gvnSuppliers. The Colour wheel will assist in Matching Colours for Nail Polish and School Office Learning Guide Art Class Teaching Tool.

This is a considerable size Colour Wheel – along with the Colour Wheel & 1 innovative Colour Wheel for 360°rotation. This 4gvnSuppliers product is manufactured with a coated glossy paper, the colour mixing wheel rotates smoothly without effort.

Effortless to use – This 4gvnsuppliers Colour mixing guide and Colour Wheel practical illustration of the relationships between all the different colours and showing definitively the results. The specific wheel also demonstrates and features a grayscale, tints and tones, definitions of colour terms, and interpretation of colour.

The anterior side – this colour wheel demonstrates the basic principles. By rotating the 4gvnSuppliers Colour wheel and you will find the colour mixing results in the window.

The Posterior side – On the 4gvnSuppliers Color Wheel assists and illustrates the colours that are complimentary, and in what why they go (or don’t go) together.

Your NEW BEST FRIEND – The 4gvnSuppliers Colour Wheel with indicators for complementary, split complementary and triad color schemes; the manner/way to tint and shade, primary, secondary and tertiary references. Its important for each and every artist to  learn of by heart the 4gvnsuppliers colour theory in a fun way by using the 4gvnSuppliers Colour wheel. This Colour wheel is absolutely excellent to use when painting, in tattoo design, permanent makeup colour correction, interior design, having creative craft projects, and home decorating.

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