14# Double Row Slope (0.25)


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Used in the Following Procedures: Eyeliner and Eyebrows (Microblading, Embroidery & 3D)
These microblade are very sharp, with super-thin edge called thin microblades. Each of these microblades are designed and to create fine to crisp narrow hair strokes lines.
Each of the microblade has a needle diameter of 0.25mm. These microblades are manufactured in such a way to be very flexible.
The microblade needles that are flexible are much more of a popular choice than the hard PCD blades.
Each and every needle/microblade comes with a batch number, a gamma-rays clearance and an expiry-date.
Each of these microblades is individually packed, sealed and sterilized by gamma-rays. Each of the packaging is safe and durable.
If there is a possibility that we don’t stock the microblading you want to purchase, it will be appreciated if you could inform let 4gvnSuppliers because we can import/custom manufacture all needles types.
In the case that we end up stocking your custom order (custom made needles), then there’s no minimum order quantity at all!!
Each of the manufactured microblading or embroidery needles are single use needles only and must be discarded after each use in a puncture-proof/sharps container.
Very Important!!! Do not use the needle if package is broken, please inform 4gvnSuppliers ASAP so that this problem will then be resolved.
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