Nitrile Gloves Blue or black


For individuals with sensitivities to natural rubber latex and concerns about powdered donning, these Surgical Gloves offer a tailored solution. They are specifically designed to address these common sensitivities, providing a comfortable and reliable option for those who require them.

One of the key features of these gloves is their emphasis on comfort. They are crafted to provide a snug and comfortable fit, ensuring that wearers can perform their tasks with ease and confidence. The textured fingertips further enhance this comfort, offering excellent tactile sensitivity. This means that wearers can maintain precise control and dexterity, even in delicate and intricate procedures.

These gloves stand as a testament to the commitment to meeting the diverse needs of individuals with specific sensitivities. By offering a comfortable fit and superior tactile sensitivity, they provide a practical and effective solution for those seeking a reliable alternative to standard surgical gloves.


These gloves offer exceptional attributes that make them stand out in the realm of hand protection. They possess impressive strength, ensuring they can withstand rigorous tasks. Their stretchable durability allows for a comfortable fit without compromising their integrity. Moreover, their outstanding puncture resistance means they can effectively shield against potential hazards.

The striking premium iris blue color not only adds a touch of distinction but also serves a practical purpose by providing high visibility in various environments. This feature is particularly valuable in situations where quick identification is essential.

These gloves have garnered popularity among a diverse range of professionals due to their superior qualities. Law enforcement professionals rely on them for their robustness and reliability in high-pressure situations. Tattoo artists appreciate their puncture resistance and stretchable fit, allowing for precise and comfortable work. Physicians trust them for their exceptional protection during medical procedures. First responders rely on their strength and durability in demanding emergency situations.

The gloves in question are meticulously engineered with durability in mind. Their smooth external finish and beaded cuff serve as crucial design elements, working together to significantly extend their lifespan. This extra layer of reinforcement ensures that these gloves can reliably withstand prolonged use and a wide array of tasks, from intricate medical procedures to demanding industrial applications.

Durable and Strong:

The smooth finish not only adds to their overall comfort but also minimizes friction, reducing wear and tear that might occur during extended wear. This feature is particularly essential for professionals who rely on these gloves for extended periods, as it ensures they can work efficiently without constant replacements.

The beaded cuff, on the other hand, provides an additional barrier against potential damage or tearing, especially when the gloves are donned and doffed repeatedly. This small but crucial detail significantly bolsters the gloves‘ overall durability, making them an excellent choice for professionals across various industries.

This combination of features sets these gloves apart as a trusted choice for individuals who demand top-tier hand protection in their respective fields. Whether in the medical, industrial, or other specialized sectors, these gloves offer a reliable and long-lasting solution, ensuring that professionals can carry out their tasks with confidence and peace of mind.


The Golden Hands powder-free nitrile exam gloves offered by 4gvnSuppliers represent a significant advancement in hand protection. These gloves not only elevate the level of safeguarding but also address a common concern – allergies linked to powdered latex gloves. By doing away with the use of powders, these gloves ensure a safer and more comfortable experience for users.

These gloves are expertly crafted by skilled professionals who understand the importance of precision and quality in medical equipment. They carefully fashion these gloves using high-grade nitrile material. This material is not only enhances protection but also guarantees exceptional comfort for the wearer. This meticulous crafting process ensures that healthcare professionals can carry out their duties. This will provide them with confidence, knowing they have the best possible hand protection at their disposal.


The Golden Hands powder-free nitrile gloves from 4gvnSuppliers are meticulously crafted with user comfort in mind. Their design incorporates a highly efficient elastic fit and beaded cuffs, guaranteeing a snug and secure fit that remains comfortable even during extended wear. This ensures that professionals can focus on their tasks without constant adjustments or discomfort.

Moreover, these gloves go beyond mere comfort. They also prioritize the delicate nature of client care by maintaining exceptional tactile sensitivity. This feature is crucial, especially in situations that require precision and a gentle touch. Whether it’s in a medical setting or an artistic application, these gloves enable professionals to provide the highest standard of care and service.


At 4gvnSuppliers, safeguarding individuals is our top priority. These disposable surgical nitrile exam gloves not only provide impeccable protection.  Also cater to those with allergies or sensitivities, being both non-allergenic and non-irritating. They guarantee a flawless 100% level of protection.

Furthermore, these gloves are engineered to be exceptionally sturdy and durable. This ensures that permanent makeup artists can work with confidence. nowing they’re shielded from any potential contact with bodily fluids, liquids, or debris. This level of reliability is indispensable in their line of work, where precision and safety are of the utmost importance.


The 4gvnSuppliers Surgical Nitrile gloves are exceptionally adaptable, finding utility in numerous fields. They serve in crucial medical tasks for all. Intricate investigative work, precise lab procedures, and even the artistry of hair coloring and tattooing. Additionally, they prove invaluable in tasks involving food preparation, intricate painting projects, thorough cleaning endeavors, and even caring for pets. They’re equally reliable in home improvement projects and the pursuit of various hobbies and crafts.

Thanks to Soft-Fill Tech, 4gvnSuppliers efficiently packs nitrile gloves for smooth, wrinkle-free dispensing. This detail is crucial for makeup artists.

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