7 Prong Liner


**Enhancing Cosmetic Procedures: Versatile 7 Prong Liner Needle Applications**

These (7 Prong Liner) needles are specific to various cosmetic procedures, including enhancing lips, applying eyeliner, and shaping eyebrows. Their versatility ensures precise and professional results across different areas of the face, offering flexibility and precision for desired cosmetic enhancements.

**Compatibility and Ease of Use**

The liner/prong needles are compatible with the majority of permanent makeup machines operating using rotary mechanisms. This compatibility ensures ease of integration into existing equipment, allowing tattoo artists to deliver consistent and precise results across various procedures. Their universality underscores their value as essential tools for professionals in the field of permanent makeup application.

**High-Quality Manufacturing Standards**

At 4gvnSuppliers online shop, all needles are meticulously manufactured using medical-grade 316 stainless steel, ensuring the highest standards of quality and durability. Each pack contains 1x 7 prong liner needles (size 7Rl), meticulously sterilized and individually packaged to guarantee hygiene and safety. This commitment to quality and cleanliness ensures that customers receive reliable and safe products for their tattooing needs.

**Hygiene and Safety Protocols**

Each of the 7 prong liner needles undergoes meticulous packaging, sealing, and sterilization using gamma rays, ensuring sterilization clearance and optimal cleanliness. It’s crucial to note that these needles are designed for single-use only and must be discarded after each procedure to maintain hygiene and safety standards. Furthermore, it’s imperative not to use a needle if the package arrives broken, prioritizing sterility and safety throughout the tattooing process.

Using a 7 Liner Needle in a Permanent Makeup Machine
  1. Prepare the Machine: Ensure your permanent makeup machine is clean and assembled correctly.
  2. Install the Needle: Securely insert the 7 liner needle into the needle cartridge or holder.
  3. Adjust Settings: Set needle speed and depth based on procedure requirements.
  4. Perform the Procedure: Use the 7 liner needle for precise lines and desired results.
  5. Monitor Progress: Adjust settings if needed during the procedure.
  6. Clean and Dispose: Properly dispose of the needle after use and clean the machine as per instructions.
  7. Safety Precautions: Prioritize safety by using sterile needles and sanitation protocols.

By diligently following these steps, you can effectively utilize a 7 liner needle in a permanent makeup machine. Moreover, mastering these procedures will enhance your ability to achieve precise and professional results in various cosmetic enhancements. This technique ensures precise and controlled application for various cosmetic enhancements. Keywords: microblading, microblading ink, embroidery needles, microblading embroidery flex bevel needle, needles, permanent makeup needles, permanent-makeup needles, permanent make-up needles, semi-permanent makeup, semi-permanent make-up needles, tattoo needles, tattoo needles in pretoria, tattoo needles near me, permanent makeup needles near me, permanent makeup needles in the area, semi-permanent makeup needles near me, semi-permanent makeup needles in the area, tattoo needles near me, tattoos, semi-permanent makeup needles, tattoo needles in pretoria. Permanent cosmetics, Micropigmentation, Cosmetic tattooing, Semi-permanent makeup, Permanent eyebrows, Permanent eyeliner, Permanent lip colour, Microblading, Scalp micropigmentation, Areola tattooing.


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