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4gvnSuppliers supply the very well known ‘Vitamin A & D Aftercare’ Cream. This Vitamin A& D cream are used for the permanent makeup procedures for eyebrows, eyeliners and lips.

The ointment assist in the following: Heals the tattooed area quick, Keep the treated are moisturized without water, assist in the prevention of scarring and no discoloration takking place after the treated area is completely healed.

4gvnsuppliers advise the following application of the Vitamin A & D ointment. The ointment is to be used after permanent makeup procedure. 4gvnSuppliers ointment will enhance the eyebrows and assist in the prevention of colour loss. The aftercare cream is specially formulated and manufactured which won’t be irritating to the eyes.

The aftercare ointment supplied by 4gvnSuppliers assist in keeping the treated eyebrows, eyeliner or lips in a good repaired condition. This Vitamin A & D ointment have the properties of greatly guard the skin from any bacterial infection, soothing and calming any of the swelling, ease any stinging and discomfort caused by the permanent makeup procedure. It could also protect the tattoo eyebrow or lip from scabbing up or flaking away. The product will keep the permanent cosmetic at its best condition and rich in its colour.

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