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The ink cup holders that are being stocked by 4gvnsuppliers are exceptionally unique, as it is well suited for all cup sizes.

The ink cup holders supplied by 4gvnSuppliers, gives you as the permanent makeup artist more of a professional looking layout in your salon or working environment, the top cover does fits perfectly in the suitable cup holes, which makes it easy to work with while the pigment.

The pigment cup holders come in varies sizes.

Each of the cup holders do exactly as their name suggests.

The holders hold varies sizes of cups in place including their ink, hold the cups that hold the ink.

The ink-cap holder measures approximately 3.5 cm in width, 4cm in depth and 4cm in. length.

Most cup holders can hold between 6 to 9 cups, in different sizes.

Holders come in many various colours, shapes and materials.

It’s very convenient to have a simple 6 to 9 slot ink cup holder when you as the artist are busy with a large amount of procedures.

This 8-slot cup holder should suffice for most sessions.

Check back often as 4gvnSuppliers are in the process of increasing their selection of models available.

The best holders are the stainless-steel ones which can be properly sterilized and autoclaved, providing an additional line of defence against cross contamination.

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