Nail File 100/180


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Effortless Professional Quality

Achieve superior results with less effort using our Nail File 100/180, crafted from heavy-duty emery boards designed for nails with coarse grit. From acrylic and dip nails to gel and poly nails, this essential tool easily files down a variety of nail types, making it a valuable addition to your acrylic nail kit, poly nail gel kit, dip powder nail kit, and gel x nail kit, as well as a reliable nail file for natural and thick nails, including toenails.

Ergonomic Design for Precision

Experience the convenience of the ergonomic design that transforms this Nail File 100/180 into a great hand file. The curve shape ensures better control and accuracy during use. The curved section facilitates easy filing of the nail sides, while the rounded edge is perfect for precision near the cuticle. This versatile tool is ideal for managing angles when working with both left and right hands. Easy to hold and maneuver, it provides an excellent alternative to those who prefer not to use a nail drill, delivering professional results for nail techs and DIY nail enthusiasts alike.

Sturdy and Unbendable Construction

Our robustly constructed Nail Files 100/180 won’t bend easily, ensuring durability for prolonged use. Ideal not only for human nails but also suitable for pet owners, as these heavy-duty files can double as dog nail files. If your dogs are averse to nail clippers and dremels, these sturdy 100 grit boards provide a practical and efficient solution for pet nail care.

Long-Lasting and Reusable

Experience longevity with our curved nail files, as their robust construction allows for extended personal use. Additionally, these files are washable, providing a hygienic and reusable option for maintaining nail health. Additionally, a thoughtful and practical gift, they make great Nail Tech Gifts or a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for nail art lovers engaged in at-home manicure DIY projects. Essential for soft gel nail tips, acrylic press-on nails, and a complement to other nail care tools like the nail buffer, cuticle oil, and base/top coat gel nail polish.

Affordable and Shareable Nail Tool Kit

With 1 Emery Nail Files in each pack, our affordable and sturdy fingernail files are essential tools for any manicure. Share this nail file set with family, friends, and even your pets, making it a wonderful Christmas stocking stuffer. Additionally, these professional nail files to your nail care kit for a comprehensive and effective solution to achieve flawless nails.Keywords: nail art, nail kit tool set, nail gel, nails, nail kit tools, nail stickers. nail polish, acrylic nail kit, nail glue, nail drill, fake nails, toe nails, nail set, long nails. press on fake nails, short nails, nail Tips. nail strips Diy, Acrylic nails, liquid, acrylic powder.

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