Eyebrow Mapping Bow Arrow Ruler



Eyebrow Mapping Arrow Ruler

Crafted with precision, our elite eyebrow mapping arrow ruler features a bow-like design. The rule has a secure carbon string for accurate eyebrow shaping. This tool (eyebrow mapping arrow ruler) streamlines the design process, ensuring professional and symmetrical results on faces of all shapes.

Efficient Design for Precise Marking:

The Eyebrow Mapping Arrow Ruler Positioning Ruler utilizes a flexible carbon string, enhancing accuracy and efficiency in eyebrow shaping. It significantly reduces design time, resulting in better and more professional-looking eyebrows.

Safe and Durable Material for Long-Term Use:

Made from high-quality, non-toxic materials, our eyebrow mapping ruler is certified safe and heavy-duty, ensuring both safety and durability. Ideal for long-term and reliable use, it meets the standards for permanent makeup and cosmetic tattooing.

Versatile Compatibility for Various Tools:

Compatible with any marker, stencil, semi-permanent eyebrow pencil, or carbon paper, this eyebrow mapping string facilitates flexibility in your choice of tools, providing convenience for various eyebrow shaping techniques.

Skin-Friendly Aluminum Alloy Construction:

Constructed from high-quality aluminum alloy, our eyebrow mapping string is non-irritating and safe for the skin. This ensures a comfortable and safe experience during the eyebrow shaping process.

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