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Semi-Permanent & reliable marker provides sharp and distinct markings on the skin

4GVN suppliers supply sterile surgical markers with/without a ruler.

The tip of each of the markers are finely designed for medical use on the skin or to allocate marks on the skin as needed.

This medical Skin Marker Pen is the same as the markers used by medical doctors and dental/medical surgeons in their medical practices.

This 1mm fine-tipped sterile marker is non-toxic on the skin and can be easily cleaned and sterilised with an alcohol swab and wait to dry before each use. use when pre-marking prior to surgery.

The purple colour of the surgical pen effectively ‘stains’ the skin ensuring that the eyebrow or lip shape isn’t lost during the application of topical anaesthetic or during the permanent cosmetic procedure.

The purple Markings can easily be removed with the use of witch hazel or alcohol on a small piece of cotton wiped over the skin.

Tip: The ink in these markers contains gentian violet dye, which has mild anti-bacterial properties, avoid use in clients with sensitivity to gentian violet dye.

Do not use if package is damaged. Indicated for external use. be careful to not go onto the newly implanted pigment.

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