Pigment Cup Sheets


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Product Description:

Our Pigment Cup Sheets are essential tools for every permanent makeup artist, offering convenience and organization during procedures. With individual cups designed to securely hold pigments, these sheets streamline the application process, ensuring precise and efficient results.

Instructions for Use:

  • Place the Pigment Cup Sheet on your workspace, ensuring it lays flat and securely.
  • Dispense desired pigments into the individual cups using a clean applicator or dropper.
  • Mix and blend colours as needed, utilizing the convenient layout of the cups.
  • Throughout the procedure, ensure the sheet remains clean and free of debris to maintain sterility.
  • Dispose of the sheet after each use to prevent cross-contamination and uphold hygiene standards.

Experience effortless pigment organization and enhanced precision with our Pigment Cup Sheets. Additionally, explore the services offered at our affiliated salon here.

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