Pre-ink Eyebrow Mapping String


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  • The 4gvnSupplies brow mapping string is to create stunning brows every time. 4gvnSuppliers is the ideal tool to use for the best pre-inked brow mapping string for microblading or permanent makeup on the market, look no further! 4gvnSuppliers pre-inked eyebrow mapping string allows all permanent makeup artists to map out the clients face with total accuracy and create flawless illusion. Every single time.
  • The 4gvnSuppliers is premium, top-of-the-line quality. You need not to look any further, say goodbye to all of those mapping strings that result in disappointing messes on the clients face. 4gvnSuppliers understand your frustration and We acknowledge the fact that the Permanent makeup artists don’t have time for that! The 4gvnSuppliers pre inked eyebrow pre-ink mapping string is incredibly thin(dental floss thin), yet extremely strong and highly durable. Another fact that we haven’t mentioned is that it’s one of the most carbon saturated strings on the market -this is one that you’ll never want to be without!
  • The 4gvnSuppliers pre-inked strings are hypoallergenic & allergy-free beauty product. The 4gvnSuppliers pre-inked brow mapping string is made with organic bamboo charcoal and saturated with cosmoceutical grade ink. The organic carbon pre-ink string is safe for even the hypersensitive skin types.
  • The 4gvnSuppliers pre-ink string is a total must-have for professionals, tattoo artists, salons and beauty schools.
  • The 4gvnSuppliers pre-ink string also does a great job with any brow mapping tool. The 4gvnSuppliers pre-ink eyebrow mapping string works amazingly well for freehand eyebrow drawing and it can also be used with all types of brow mapping equipment and eyebrow accessories.
  • The pre-ink eyebrow mapping string can be cut to any size you need, while the product gas a built in thread cutter. At the 4gvnSuppliers shop and Trivine Academy it’s all about ease of use. A built-in thread cutter allows the permanent makeup artist to rapidly cut any size he/she needs, saving time and allowing the permanent makeup artist to focus on the project. The 4gvnSuppliers comes with enough string to use on 15+ clients! One box contains a generous 975.36cm of pre-marked eyebrow mapping thread

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