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The 4gvn Suppliers practice skin comprises silicone raw material, packaged individually, non-toxic, tasteless, and safer. The fake skin exhibits softness and elasticity, with good toughness, no slag, bright color, and a texture very much akin to human skin. The practice/fake skin allows for easy coloring by a trainee artist, permitting color application on both sides, and offering the potential for multiple uses during training sessions.

Abundant Quantity:

This set includes 1 piece of the blank tattoo practice skin, providing you with more than sufficient material to refine your skills. With this generous supply, the permanent makeup/tattoo artist can practice a variety of tattooing techniques repeatedly without the concern of running out. Each piece of imitation skin comes individually packaged for convenient use and portability.

Safe Material:

Crafted from high-quality silicone, the tattoo practice skin ensures safety and durability. Silicone is widely recognized in the industry for its outstanding elasticity and resistance to tearing. Also, guaranteeing a harm-free and irritation-free experience compared to inferior materials.

Realistic Skin Texture:

Thanks to its advanced manufacturing process, this tattoo fake skin closely resembles the texture and elasticity of real human skin. Its lifelike feel allows you to simulate authentic tattooing conditions, closely resembling the experience of working on an actual client’s body. As a result, your confidence will grow as you refine your skills in shading, lining, and coloring.

Dual-Sided Design:

Featuring two sides for tattoo application, this fake skin effectively doubles your opportunities for practical learning and experimentation. Additionally, without needed resources or replacements mid-session, you can maximize your time perfecting every stroke.  A Tattoo artist can seamlessly switch between techniques, and effortlessly explore diverse design possibilities.

Ideal Size:

Measuring (Different sizes in Attributes), this thin tattoo synthetic skin offers an ideal canvas for practicing eyebrow tattoos. Futhermore, for microblading techniques with precision and accuracy aswell. Its compact dimensions ensure easy maneuverability during procedures while providing ample space to replicate intricate designs found in realistic scenarios.

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