Dr pen Needles M8 #16



A micro-needling pen makes use of disposable needles, which is used in the treatment of the following:
Wrinkle removal, acne removal, improve scar, rejuvenation, the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles, scarring and pitting. derma needling is also amazing in the treatment of decreasing pore size and in the treatment of stretch Marks(early or late stages of stretch marks).
Derma-needling have shown great improvement in deep seated (sun) wrinkles and lines.
According to research derma needling can reverse and treat severe acne scars and improve healing of active erythematic wounds.
Our dermapen needles are of very high quality and complies with international cosmetology and medical requirements.
The needles are excellent in its stability and less vibrating than the cheaper products on the market.
All our dermapen needles are made of the highest quality medical grade type of stainless steel.
All of 4gvn’ s needles including the dermapen needles went through a sterilization method and are certified by Gamma Ray, complies with Government Sterilization Guidelines.
Each needle are individually packed, labled and sealed by 4gvnSuppliers and are disposable needles which are for single use only.
Each of the needles are disposable 36 Pins Cartridges, which are only to be used On a Dr.Pen Ultima M8, they are one time And Personal Use. The Dr.Pen Original Manufacturer Quality Warranty. They are easy to use and to screw on and off the Dr Pen device.
These replacement cartridges are specially designed for Dr. Pen Ultima M8 micro needling pen, they are not compatible with other models, such as A1, A6, A7, X5, or any other brands.
Dr. Pen uses sterile, individually-sealed, disposable needle cartridges for optimal safety and comfort.
All replacement needles are made by Dr. Pen factory, come with Dr. Pen brand original box. Note: Cartridges are not non-returnable if you opened or used them(except for quality problems).
Dr. Pen microneedling pen is more economical and healthful than derma roller, you just need to replace cartridges after every use.

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