4.5m Foam tape for eyelash extensions



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  • The 4gvnsuppliers 110 PCS Foam eyepads. If you are struggling with slipping eye pads, you need to try the 4gvnsuppliers new foam under eye patches as an alternative to the normal eyelash pads! These patches are sticky enough to stay secure throughout the lashing process even with eye watering, this is a must have. The 4gvnsuppliers foam patches are gel-free and don’t slip, off the clients’ eyes. The 4gvnsuppliers foam patches are not irritating and are comfortable during the lash procedure.
  • The 4gvnsuppliers foam patches will speed up your lashing time. The foam eye pads for lash extensions have been pre-cut for most eye shapes, saving time of cutting/pre-measurement of the big foam lash tape, therefore speeding up the eye lashing procedure tremendously. When using the 4gvnsuppliers eyelash patches for the first time, please test the stickiness on the back of the hands and remove stickiness if necessary.
  • The 4gvnsuppliers foam patches are super convenient & safe to use. The 4gvnSuppliers eyelash extension foam pads are thicker than the hydrogel pads and measure 6 cm x 2cm to fit most client eye shapes, without any effort perfectly covering the lower eyelashes and holding the lower lashes nicely in place. The foamy eyelash pad are useful for those who have a hard time with holding down bottom lashes and worrying if the tweezers will poke clients’ eyes.
  • The 4gvnSuppliers eyelash patches are perfect for lash extensions, eyelash tints and eyelash lifts. The foam eye pads for eyelash extensions holds down the bottom lower lashes securely without pulling on the clients’ bottom lashes. When removing the 4gvnsuppliers eyelash foamy pad, they come off gently without hurting the clients.
  • The 4gvnsuppliers foam patches are completely risk free. Slipping, irritating eyelash pads for lash extensions are every eyelash artist’s nightmare. Try these revolutionary lash extension supplies to get rid of those headaches. If you are not completely satisfied with it, please let us know and we will response within 24 hours.
  • The 4gvnsuppliers eyelash pads are pre-cut foam Eyelash extension Pads.- 110 pcs of pre-cut foam eye patches, our latest foam eye pads tape, designed based on the shape of the eye patch, size. The eyelash foamy pads are hypoallergenic foam eye pads that are friendly to sensitive eyes, it is latex-free, clean and hygienic, hassle-free to use, waterproof and not easy to slide.

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